Nicole’s Unforgettable Night

This is a HorMantic story…
Sit back, relax and try not to be bored ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lil miss Nicole walked her dog that night like she always does. What night?
It was a cold silent night. The streets of Lady-Land were already taken over by bats. The only voices you could hear were those of frogs looking for a female to mate; crickets, happy that night had finally come and an owl that probably couldn’t tell that it was past its bed time. Creepy! But Nicole walked on, Quinn, her Great Dane tagging beside her.

It was a long walk from her house in Mystic Maiden to the end of the road then back but Nicole would never miss it. This was the only time she knew she could play freely with Quinn without worrying that he would break her vase, the fish jar or an ornament. This was a road; there were no breakables. She smiled as she watched Quinn chase a rat.

Quinn followed the tiny creature and Nicole simply watched. Suddenly, something moved in the bush surrounding the road and Quinn barked… Footsteps followed and it seemed to be coming towards them and Quinn growled over and over again. Nicole just stood as though trying to tell her heart to beat quietly. Then the footsteps stopped.
It was either the rat had run to call many more of its kind or there was a human in the bush. For some reason Nicole hoped it was the former….Little did she know…

More footsteps trooped the same way, this time calculated like soldiers marching as to war. The footsteps surrounded them. That was it! ‘No more walk’, she said. ‘Quinn home we go’.

But not so fast.

Soon the bats left the trees and posts they hung on, the crickets stopped chirping, frogs were no longer interested in mating and the darkness of the street was illuminated by a flash of light. Wait, not a flash, for the flash came from all around them…The whole street was illuminated. Quinn stopped barking

The initial silence was encapsuled into something that sounded like a serenade. It was.
A man came out, then another, then another 10, some bearing gifts and others with musical instruments slung around their neck and then right in their middle was Riley, Nicole’s boyfriend.

It was midnight already…It was Nicole’s birthday…He had planned all this.

Nicole’s heart raced even faster but she just stood there bemused not knowing whether or not to run to him or run from them all, while Quinn sat and winced as though he understood what was going on.

‘Happy birthday Nicole’, Riley said walking up to her. ‘I couldn’t think of a better way to make sure you never forget tonight’.

The End


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