It’s Complicated

This isn’t my story; this is the story of a lady you know.

 Yesterday was the third time Timi would drive off, leaving me on the road. How I hate it 😦 But thank goodness, I was with my bag, the last time I wasn’t so lucky! It had just stopped raining and everyone was out of their homes, offices, shops, wherever! I was out too (not like I wanted to) *rme*

Timi had come earlier in the day to see me in my hostel. I stay at a private hostel just outside my school. Timi Adeogun is my boyfriend. no…wait…I’m confused now… Timi WAS my boyfriend. This sounds better. He lives somewhere in Ogudu (I have never been there before as much as I’ve tried to). He manages his father’s company (don’t ask me for the name or the addy *covers face*) Well, he is also a car dealer…err..I think the office is located somewhere in Ikeja. I tried to get all these details from Timi to no avail so *in Chris Brown’s voice* please don’t judge me.

His business takes him around a lot. Damn! Timi was always busy. Too busy to pause for a split second to tell me things in details or listen to me. I hear someone say girl power nko? Abegi! That one no work with Timi o. He had my time only in his own time *sigh*.

Four months ago I accompanied Timi to Port-Harcourt on a business trip. We were lodged in a 5-star hotel somewhere in the big city for four days 😉 He introduced me to some of his asscociates. Big men! Nna ehn…names that command ego! *licks lips* I didn’t lose my cool though. They all had something good to say about me and in my mind I was like ‘this dude will link me up’. It was a short trip but it seemed long to me cos that was the first time after being in a relationship for four months that we spent quality time together 😉 It felt like he was asking me out all over again…err…the truth is Timi didn’t actually pop the question. We just went with the flow :s. Don’t get me wrong , I am not all about the affluence, I actually did love the niccur.

Let me tell me a lil something bout me…Name’s Abigail Ngige (everyone calls me Abby so u can as well.) I am Ibo…Ibo kwenu! I am an only daughter and the last child. Recently, I did my project defense from the University of Benin, so, yes, I am a fresh graduate. whoop whoop! Should be done with the NYSC by the end of next year and should commence my Msc degree in marketing the year after. I am 21 and I have been in only two relationships (Timi being the second) Watchu looking at! Did I mention that I am a whiz kid? Not the musician o..  a brainy I mean *adjusts geek glasses*. But don’t get it twisted I am beautiful, Didnt tell you before now because I didn’t want to seem proud *beauty queen smile* Timi always said tis my attitude that keeps him HUNGRY for me and tis the way he says that makes me go awww *sigh* E yaff do! Back to the gist…

After the trip everything returned back to ‘normal’. Timi back to his BUSINESS and me back to serious studying. Timi would hardly come to see me until I practically go down on both knees. Once, I had to feign sickness before I saw his brake light. MEN!!! Back when we were still getting to know each other better he used to come every minute. It felt like a chronic virus but I liked it 😀 Now that’s all in history books. Now the slightest chance we get to see we argue more, talk less and kiss OFTEN. At least he was a kiss lover and I am a tremendous kisser 😉 Once when I tried to stop kissing him he was like “Please Abby, continue… don’t stop… kiss me”. Call my kisses the Eight World Wonder lol

One day Timi came to school while I was in class. He had to wait. On my way to see him I met one of my male friends a few distance away from where Timi was parked and I stopped to exchange pleasantries, shikena! When I got into my boyfriend’s car I bent over to peck his lips but instead I received a cold shove and a hi that seemed like bye. Apparently, he had seen me talk to my friend and had issues with it. Hian! All efforts to tell him that the dude was just an old pal proved abortive. And that was when he ordered me out of his car. I was shocked! Thought twas a joke but his next words and the look in his eyes reassured me that I don’t need hearing aids. I got down from the car and watched him drive off. ‘He will come back,’ I said, trying to console myself. But he didn’t. I cat-walked away, shaking my lil bum. The next day Timi called me severally to apologise. He even stormed my hostel with gifts. I had to check the calendar to be sure my birthday hadn’t come twice in one year .Talk about a romantic dude, huh?

Timi was 10 years older than me and a first child. He is quite an established man. He wanted a wife and kids asap. According to him he was under pressure from his family (one he never let me meet). One day in the car he told me he wanted me to be his wife before the end of next year and NO there was no diamond-studded engagement ring. I told him I wasn’t ready but he didn’t want that for an answer. He even threatened to get me pregnant, that way I would have no choice. lmfao… I wasn’t threatened! I mean, this is the twenty-first century, if you know what I mean 😉 

 We argued on and on and with a little too much issues I got down from the car to get a drink from a roadside retailer and to my utter dismay, Timi drove off with expertise like a Formula-One racer :O My bag, phone, everything in the car! Some people need to enrol in an Anger-Management class. As usual, the next day he was all apologetic. He came to my hostel with my things and more gifts and again I forgave him. If you call me an ode at this point I just might forgive you too.

Timi had issues! But I loved him so I put up with it. But who on earth preaches marriage one minute and the next minute acts like a wild dog on hot chase? Talk bout finding love in a hopeless place!

 Anyway, yesterday Timi came by to take me shopping and on our way back he told me he would like me to accompany him on a trip to the UK. I told him politely that I wasn’t interested. “What’s wrong with you?”… “Why would you even say no?”… “Am I not your boyfriend?” He ranted on leaving me to wonder if I had insulted his mother :s But I hadn’t! Some people just have brain touch sha! ‘I just don’t want to. Maybe some other time’, I muttered nicely. “Get down from my car,” he ordered. I didn’t see that coming. The last time he said it would be last time 😦 I deserve better, I know I do! I just looked into his eyes and he looked away and then I heard the Auto-UnLock sound. Timi must have reasons for always doing this. Do you know why cos I don’t but I told myself this would be the last time! 😦 I just picked up my bag and one of the shopping bags that was clutched between my thighs and got down. Phuck! It had just stopped raining. I had to wade the wet road. I could feel passers-by stare at me with pity. I simply bowed my head and called a cab straight to my hostel, luckily it wasn’t too far. I had to study for my project defense but I thought to myself, if Timi comes begging twn’t just be the usual make-up kiss he has a lot of explaining to do. And if he doesn’t have a tangible explanation as to why he behaves the way he does it might just be a goodbyekiss instead!

Timi didn’t call me last night. He didn’t come to my hostel with gifts today. This morning I went in for my project defense. My supervisor said I did very well :). I didn’t wait for pleasantries, I left for my hostel immediately, ran upstairs and put on the TV. Lo and behold! Timi was in my room. No! Not exactly sitting on my sofa or on my bed with his legs crossed…Timi was in the News. Maybe I was dreaming but that was Timi’s car. The reporter said the driver has passed on. Nah…maybe it wasn’t Timi afterall. LEXUS GX470 Plate Number ‘TMONEY’ that was definitely Timi’s! 😦 They just lifted his body out of the car. Eye witnesses said he had been driving so fast last night he didn’t see the bump ahead and crashed into it. Timi is gone! 😥 There’s nobody to console me. I loved him very much you know.

I want to go and commiserate with his family but I don’t know how to get to them. They don’t even know me *sneezes into hanky* Do you know Timi Adeogun? He was my boyfriend. If you know his family tell them I express my condolences. I am sorry they never met me. I may have been their in-law but I can’t tell them this to their face so please tell them for me. Oh! Our last argument …Timi I’m sorry. This is my entire fault.  I can’t go to the crash site. I feel so guilty.

On TV all I see is people moving all around. They are moving the body again. They have even taken out the shopping bags I left. choi! Where are they taking my Timi to? May his gentle soul rest in perfect… wait! They just lifted out another body from the passenger’s seat. A lady… wearing an engagement ring :O who is the lady?…peace!


9 thoughts on “It’s Complicated

  1. Timi sounds like my ex boyfriend. Ahem! I mean, the ex boyfriend of my neighbour’s cousin’s daughter. Only that his name isn’t Timi, same anger management issues. I love this story because you know…my neighbour’s cousin’s daughter went through the same thing. Err…I’m new. Hi (˘⌣˘)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i luv d humuor u put into d telin of d story,it makes d readr connect more wit d charactr nd d story…av definitly neva seen anytin writtn dis way bfor..kudos!


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