A Jelly Rainy Season

♪ Rain! Rain! go away, come again another day, little damsels want to play ♫’

The rainy season is here. Mud and dirt come with it. Stilettoes, court shoes, pumps and espadrilles can no longer do the trick try as hard as they may. So leave them in your closet to rest till the sun comes to play. ‘Why?’ You ask me? Shoes are delicate. They dread frequent dampness. A damp muddy shoe is not exactly the most attractive sight, is it?

Shoes easily get romanced in mud and dirt during this season because of the humidity level and the wetness of the road. Mud is sticky and difficult to remove from shoe. One has to go through the rigour of washing {as often as you wear), waiting {shoes have to dry properly} and polishing {for shoes to regain their erstwhile shine}. This is an unnecessary expedition that can be avoided.

The 90s have made a return with a solution to solve this aching problem- Jelly sandal. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s you would definitely remember the clear rubber sandals sometimes laced with glitters that adorned the feet of young girls.  Yes! Those sandals have staged a come back with style. Back in the day, they were worn mainly by little girls but today, top shoe designers have come up with a variety of stylish and affordable designs that have driven the trend to a whole new level. What’s more, this time around, guys get a piece of the action too.


Jelly shoe and its retinue of beautiful colours add glamour to the feet. After all, with less sunshine, one needs as much colour as one can get. The rubber material grants it a legendary durability status and as such you would have nothing to worry about during the rainy season. Jelly shoes can easily be washed, can’t be easily ruined and they require no polishing.


So what should you do if you could save a lot of money, look adorable and have one less thing to worry about this rainy season?


Embrace the 90s,  jelly up in style and set fire to the rain!

Pictures culled from: http://www.google.com


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