Cinch and Chic

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves’
   ‘Magic lives in curves not angles’

Streamlined profiles are the ‘in thing’. Females want to show off their curves. Even the ones with little or nothing to show off try hard to accentuate their almost non-existent curves. Belts are a good means of achieving this because they highlight waists, conceal flab and enhance curves to give you an overall chic look. Belts may change in width, size, colour or design but never have they been out of style; it is one classic fashion accessory that can never go extinct.

For every outfit, there is a belt and a suave combination waiting for you to pull it off. Belts come in different sizes and width and can be worn over jumpsuits, shirt dresses, separates, t-shirts and even over jackets. This beautiful accessory not only polishes your outfit but also steps your style up a notch.

Belts are for everyone. Yes, I said it! For everyone. Most full-figured females are usually in a dilemma when it comes to accessorising with a belt but the simple styling trick is knowing the right belt that suits both your figure and outfit.


A wide belt works well with an apple body shape or for anyone with a full waist. If you’ve got flabs you can wear big-shirts and throw on a waist-defining belt and watch how it redefines your overall look. It also helps give off that dramatic glam look.

A skinny belt worn over a shirt dress with the right shoes can achieve either a corporate, casual or sassy look. Skinny belts are the preferable option when going all out casual yet wanting to look chic without looking like you’re seeking attention. If you are small-waisted and are of medium height, then skinny belts should be your preferred choice as they complement your figure.


Belts give you a sense of an expanded wardrobe so try to get them in variety of colours and designs but no matter what, ensure you shop for the wide and skinny belts in neutral colours (black, brown, beige etc).


Start off by getting these essentials then go as all out as you can and flatter your figure.

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