Why Your Next Relationship Will Be The Last

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”    – Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

My heart breaks each time I hear about broken relationships, especially the ones that seemed to be perfect. I know you’ll say no relationship is perfect but who says it can’t be.

Aren’t you tired of being single or sampling one relationship to another? It’s a rhetorical question 😝

You think “there is still time”? Actually, there is, time is of the essence in any relationship. However you reap only what you sow, and I don’t know a plant you reap a different fruit from what you’ve sown. If you know, hit me up cos I have some pear seeds that I would like to transform into bananas ;).

So if you want your next relationship to be your last, it is up to you! You start by getting the right seed, doing a feasibility study and checking the soil to be sure the seed will be viable, then move on to plant the seed with utmost good faith, nurture it with care and watch it blossom from that day moving forward.

Your next relationship will be your last and best because you’ll make a conscious decision- with your seed a.k.a your partner- for it to be so.

It’s not sorcery; I don’t have crystal balls. Actually, I don’t have balls at all lol.


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