Dear Posterity

Comfort me by a solemn Assurance, that when the little Parlour in which I sit at this Instant, shall be reduced to a worse furnished Box, I shall be read, with Honour, by those who never knew nor saw me, and whom I shall neither know nor see.

― Henry Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling


Dear Posterity,

It’s the year 2017, about 17 years after people thought the world would come to an end. It hasn’t ended but we still see the signs that it would “soon”.

Some of us still believe in God and that one day He will once again return to earth as Christ. There’s also Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w) whose teachings the Muslims still uphold. There are more religions and more schools of thought every day. But I am afraid we have failed to learn.

You see, in my time, we look up to the unseen, for once we were posterity too. However, there are things a lot of us do wrongly.

We have tribes and races. We group people according to the language spoken; teachings they uphold; colour of skin and how many zeros reflect in bank statements.

My heart breaks in million pieces every time- I am afraid I don’t have one anymore.

Hypocrisy and sentiments rule our day. It feels like the days of the Old Testament where people were judged by the sins of their ancestors and the ones even before them.

Don’t be like us.

Dwell in love, trust and be at peace with yourself and one another. Treat people as individuals and not as a group. Every individual has a unique thing about them. Always look out for it.

My world may have been better if we all listen to one another objectively rather than look for bones to pick- but it is too little too late now.

Not many people in my time would unashamedly say the truth because a lot are already chest-deep in hate to quit now.

Don’t be like us.

Soon the earth will be above us and you will be all that there is. If the world doesn’t end before you have a chance to occupy it, if I’m still unable to succeed at driving change- please be the change.

Do better. Live freely. Love truly. Be objective. Be at peace with yourselves and one another.

I’m counting on you.

With love,


Posterity will look up to us. What will they see?

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